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Dish catering service has started its catering business at 2008 since then, we have a long history in the catering arena. This is the history of pride, perseverance, dedication and hard work. From the beginning of the journey up to now we have established ourselves as one of the most reputed catering organization in the context of our country. At present we are serving 4000 meals/day in different sectors. We are arranging catering for various organizations on different occasions. We have a strong bond with our clients. We fulfill client’s requirement assessing the standard and requirements given by them.

We look forward to carrying night food for you.

Our Services
★Providing normal, special & unique foods as your demand.
★Buffets set-up for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
★Home delivery free on the basis of order.
★Special discount on bulk order.

Our Specialties
★Outstanding ranges of food menus.
★Preparing tasty food & providing hygienic food.
★Special dishes like Chinese, Thai and Indian etc.
★Experienced & professional staffs, cooks & chefs.
★Competitive price.
★Arranging festival & Mega events.
★Friendly prompt service.

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DLS Help Line: 09638880841